The only way to figure out what is in your water is to test it at a lab.

While there are many at-home test kits that will give you instant results, these results are nowhere near as accurate as what is possible in a full scale, certified laboratory. There are many providers of water testing services, and some might be right in your area. For general coverage and testing specific to drinking water, TapScore is far and away the leader in testing. They offer a litany of broad spectrum as well as specialized tests, all done in certified labs.

When you buy a test kit, sample bottles are shipped to you. Simply follow the instructions and fill out the info sheets, and ship the samples back to the lab with the included postage-paid return label. In a week or so, your results will be published in an easy-to-read format on the TapScore website. You can drill down into the raw data, as well as look at the overview designed for people without a PhD in chemistry to read.

We earn a small commission on TapScore testing kits sold through this website, but the price for you stays the same, so if you want your water tested, help support this site by buying via the link below.

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If you're using municipal water, the EWG has a great free website to see what is happening in your area

The Environmental Working Group (EWG) has a great database of tap water test results from all over the United States. The results will not be as accurate as getting water tested from your individual home, but they are a good place to start for free!

Just go to the website below and enter your zip code or water utility name and you'll see an overview for your area. Below is an example report from New York City.

Go to EWG Tap Water Database