Objective, honest reviews of drinking water filters. Learn what is best for your unique situation.

I've spent nearly a decade researching drinking water quality issues in the United States, along with designing, building, and installing filtration systems personally as well as for friends and family. During that time I've noticed that there are huge amounts of people out there that know they want to do SOMETHING to make their drinking water better, but when they start to research options, they are met with a market that is "as clear as mud".

This website is my response to the hundreds of questions I get asked by friends and family regarding their drinking water. I will do my best to answer common questions, but more importantly I will use real science and common-sense to help users decide what is best for them. Purifying drinking water is not a theoretical problem, nor is it even an engineering problem with modern filtration technology. We have the tech to not only produce incredible quality drinking water at home from nearly any tap source, but that technology is cheap and available enough that nearly everyone in the developed world can afford it. The only thing standing in the way of delivering clean drinking water to millions of people is the constant stream of false scientific claims, pseudo-science and general marketing-speak.

My goal with Best Water Filters is to cut though this marketing speak, and focus on the core issues of individual consumer constraints. While a given system may be great for one consumer who owns their large home, an apartment dweller in New York City simply doesn't have room for a system of that size, nor the permission to drill holes to install it. Rather than giving up, or experiencing analysis paralysis, I'd like the consumer to be able to sort through options that DO work for their given situation.

In order to solve this issue, I had to put some constraints on the problem, for example you will not see any information about agricultural water issues on this site because it's just too broad of a topic to cover. Here are the self-imposed constraints that will hopefully keep the content on this site concise and useful:

1. Focus on residential drinking and cooking water only. Whole house / commercial systems are amazing but the market is very broad.
2. Focus on contaminate removal, not why the contaminants are there in the first place.
3. Focus on the United States, though nearly all of the information will apply elsewhere in the developed world.
4. Focus on systems that remove a broad spectrum of contaminants, not just what will fight a single contaminate in water (i.e. PFAS or HAA5).
5. Focus on systems that filter tap water, rather than raw lake, river or seawater.

This endeavor thus far has been supported out of my pocket as a passion project, but after spending huge amounts of time in the shop, tearing down, testing and using different filters personally, I decided to share the knowledge that I was logging with the world in the hope that I could help more people than just those around me.

This website has affiliate links, so I will earn a commission on products that users buy after clicking on links from this site, this doesn't cost the customer anything, and it helps support future reviews, design and engineering. Sometimes the customer might even get a discount on a given product if bought through the site, helping out both of us. Any financial interest will be disclosed, and no single product, regardless of commission level will be subject to different standards. I have a great full time job and won't be swayed by "free products" or other network marketing gimmicks, what I care about is getting the best water possible into the body of every human.


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