WaterDrop K19-S

Countertop Reverse Osmosis
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The WaterDrop K19 is a standard arrangement filter with a single, large filter element to replace.

Specs + Test Results

Does this filter have UV?
Yes, this filter has UV sterilization.
Does this filter remineralize or alkalize the water?
Temperature Options
This filter produces room temperature water only. 
Proprietary Filters
This product uses consumables only available from the manufacture.
No Install Required
Lab Certifications
NSF/ANSI 42, 53, 58 by SGS
Time to fill 1L bottle
1min 24s
Feed / Brine Tank Capacity
Fresh / Product Water Capacity
Working Power Consumption
Max Dispensing Volume
Operating Noise
Pre-RO Working Pressure
Est. Yearly Consumable Expense
Price At Time of Review
Best Water Filters Score
7/10 - Pretty good!

Lab Tests

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Full Review

The WaterDrop K19-S and K19-H are well designed countertop reverse osmosis water filters. The K19-S model only provides room temperature water, while the K19-H model has an instant heat option for hot water. It uses a standard arrangement with the feed tank in the rear, and the dispenser up front at a higher location off of the counter. 

Since the machine has an internal clean water tank with UV, it must use a small low pressure delivery pump to dispense water. This leads to longer fill times for larger water bottles, but also allows the spout to be higher off the counter so you can actually fit your water bottle under it without holding it the entire time you are filling. 

It has TDS (Total dissolved solids) sensors on the input (feed) water as well as in the clean water tank. While TDS is not the best measure of purity in water, it is a really good indicator to tell that the water is being filtered and the machine is working at a glance. 

The filter that the machine uses is a little different from what we normally see in that all of the filtration stages are fully contained into one large replaceable cartridge. I have not seen inside of one of these all-in-one cartridges, so I can’t speak to the amount of media and arrangement of stages. However, more generally: Smaller filters = Less media = Lower capacity. There are always hard limits in physics, and these countertop machines are no exception.

The unit has a translucent feed tank, which won’t allow full light to come in and grow bacteria, but it is much better than a perfectly clear tank. I would like to see it fully blacked out or opaque. While the tank is very well made and you won’t feel nervous about it breaking, the small plastic covers that go on top of the machine are very thin, and can be annoying to use as the tank cover must be removed and replaced every time you fill it up with water. 

The WaterDrop K19-S and K19-H have been tested and certified by SGS Labs against NSF/ANSI Standards 42, 53, and 58. While SGS is not a lab that is officially recognized by US authorities for these types of tests and certifications, there is no immediate reason to not trust what their results are given their size and presence in Asia. The machine has not been tested by more common American labs like IAPMO or WQA, I hope they are able to get these certifications at some point.

Overall this filter got a score of 7/10 because it does what it says it will do, but has some longer fill times, and the single filter might prove to be a problem in the long run.